Je suis en train de publier mon widget wowfeed ou World of Warcraft feed parser qui permet d’afficher dans un widget les dernières activités de votre (ou vos) personnage(s).
Un lien sur wowhead et un tooltip sont ajouté sur les items et les haut-faits.

Le widget est disponible à cette adresse:

Il est maintenant possible avec la version 0.1.4 de changer la langue du flux RSS ainsi que des liens (et des tooltips) vers wowhead.

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  1. Morwo Says:


    i love this widget! It’s on my Page for a long time now in first position. Last few days it’s seemed to be broken, any ideas? as i can see, same here on your page « Dernières Activités » : (

  2. SnomeaD Says:

    Hello Morwo,
    Thanks for pointing this!

    I’ve fixed the broken links in the release 0.1.5
    The new version is submitted and it will be soon available on the wordress plugin section.

  3. Morwo Says:

    Hi again,

    you’re doing a great authorship! Thanks!

  4. Aiyon Says:

    Hello. I love the widget, is it possible to use the widget for guild activity feed too rather than just character feed?

  5. SnomeaD Says:

    Hello Aiyon,

    Since we are still using the old armory ( instead of it’s not possible at the moment to have information about the guild as a feed.

    Here is more information about the « new » armory:

    When the new xml will be available, I’ll update this widget to be able to catch guild and/or toon feeds.

    Best Regards,

  6. Blizzbook Says:

    I am the developer of Blizzbook and would like to know if you have a simple php version of this plugin.

    I’ve been looking for a way to get users achievements into the users activity feed but have yet to find a base module to do so.

    Can you help?

    – Blizzbook Dev.

  7. SnomeaD Says:

    Hello Blizzbook,

    I’ll have a look this Monday and write you back !


  8. SnomeaD Says:

    It seem that the Blizzard’s feed is no longer usable :-/

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